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Fitness facility based in the Matakana Village.
Our goal at Keep Fit is to help improve members lifestyle not only physical fitness.
We aim to create a comfortable yet motivating space to achieve all your health & fitness goals.
Our staff at Keep Fit are actively enriching the lives of our members and creating a community of like-minded people who love being fit,
healthy and strong.

Getting you in shape is our goal!

Keep fit matakana


Mon: 9am to 12pm 

Tues: By appointment

Wed: 3pm to 7pm 

Thurs: 9am to 12pm  & 4pm to 6pm 

Fri: 9am-12pm 

Sat: By appointment

Members access 24/7



Minimal availability, book now!

Keep-Fit members pay $5/$10  for classes 
$10/$15 for non members.

Go to keepfit.ptminder.com & download the app.

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Keep fit gym matakana

30th June 2021

DRY JULY Step challenge!

We have an awesome Step challenge for the month of July with a $500 cash prize to the the one with the most steps!

Cheers, Keep Fit team

Keep Fit matakana

March 7th 2021

We are back!

We are back open after the level 3 lock-down from the 7th of March.

To kick things off...

Every month until July we'll be giving away free memberships on the 11th of each month! Keep an eye on our social media!

Go to :

Keep fit rig.png

24th April 2021

New Rig!!

We just had our Rig arrive!!!!

We now have a additional 4 squat racks, storage for our circuit gear, pull up bars, TRX & monkey bars!

Come have a turn.

Cheers, Keep Fit team

Keep fit matakana workouts

March 6th 2021

Lock-down workouts

We teamed up with the Fitness Hub in Snells beach to offer a week of home workouts available on both our social media platforms.

Trying to keep everyone active during the level 3 lock-down. 

If you ever need any inspiration for workout you can always find them on our website. 

Matakana fitness

March 7th 2021

6 Week Challenge

Co-hosted with Fitness Hub, Snells beach. We are offering a 6 week challenge which includes:
A full body scan before & after
Fitnees app with over 200 workouts, nutritional support.
Free group classes, prizes & more!

Go to
fitnesshub.co.nz/join-now  to sign up!


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44 Matakana Valley road, Matakana, 0985 Auckland


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